Education Services

The most important thing we can do as parents, teachers, and caring community members is pursue the best education possible for the next generation. The more you know, the more you grow! We want to keep learning and growing with you this year—and in the many years to come.

California Academic Standards

Our curriculum meets California state academic standards as set forth by the California Department of Education. It’s important to familiarize yourself with Common Core standards and what we, as educators, expect from each student at every grade level.

You can learn more about these standards by visiting the CDE Common Core Standards page.

Curriculum and Instruction

El Tejon USD follows the curriculum development cycle of the state of the CDE. Content standards are based on state frameworks. For more specific information, we encourage parents to contact their children’s teachers or talk to the school principal.

Successful curriculum development and implementation requires careful planning, effective training, and informed leadership. Supported by the Department of Curriculum and Programs and school principals, teachers play a vital role throughout the process of writing standards and selecting instructional materials.

No education is complete without a well-rounded curriculum that covers every aspect of learning. We offer instruction in the following core subjects:

  • Math
  • English Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Please reach out to your school to learn more about extracurricular activities.

English Learners Program

El Tejon USD serves a diverse student population. In accordance with state guidelines, we have implemented programs for English learners in order to provide them with access to the district’s core curriculum. Our “Master Plan for the Education of English Learners” focuses on all students of diverse language backgrounds and their needs. High expectations for all in our district helps ensure that every student achieves academic success.

We have established the following goals to ensure academic achievement and progress for English learners:

  • To develop English proficiency of English Learners as effectively and as rapidly as possible
  • To implement an instructional program that will provide students with English proficiency, academic skills, and cross-cultural awareness and understanding
  • To provide equal opportunity for academic achievement
  • To implement effective procedures for continuous identification, assessment, and placement of students whose primary language is other than English
  • To implement procedures and guidelines for the reclassification of students from English Learner (EL) to Fluent English Proficient (FEP) as rapidly as possible
  • To provide for and encourage the active involvement of parents and the community in the planning and implementation of the program for English learners