Our District

We understand how important peace-of-mind is when it comes to choosing the right education for your child. Whether you were born and raised in our area or you’ve just moved in, ETUSD wants every student to have a chance to shine. Through engaging extracurricular activities and a core curriculum that meets California State content standards, we aim to help our students reach their fullest academic potential.

Our Mission

El Tejon Unified School District, in partnership with our community, desires to educate students in a safe and challenging environment that links learning to life.

Our Vision

We want students to feel equipped, confident, and empowered as they enter each stage of learning. From kindergarten through senior high and beyond, we envision our students becoming thoughtful, caring, bright, well-rounded members of society.

We Believe

Every student comes first, and we are determined to make that motto a reality. We believe:

  • Every student has the right to a quality education.
  • Every student learns at a different pace and, therefore, should be treated as an individual when it comes to how they best learn and excel.
  • Every student should take pride in and ownership of their education, actions, and choices.