District Mission Statement:

The El Tejon Unified School District, in partnership with the community, will educate students in a safe and challenging environment that links learning to life.

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Frazier Mountain High School

Ms. Shelly Davis - English Department.Ms. Brianna White - Science Department
Ms. Tonya Zorich – Special Education Aide

El Tejon Middle School

Ms. Liz Evans is moving from 6th grade to Middle School Science.
Ms. Corey Hansen will teach middle school English.

Frazier Park Elementary School

Ms. Julie Draa - 3rd grade teacher
Ms. Brianne Holloway - Special Education teacher
Ms. Linda Thomason - Transitional Kindergarten teacher
Ms. Sheryl Lopez – Cafeteria
Ms. Tammie Novak – Special Education Aide
Ms. Natalie Wagner – Special Education Aide


El Tejon Unified School District is also excited to announce the opening of CONDOR ACADEMY. Condor Academy is a home schooling/independent study program for students in grades K-12. Mr. Dave Petty will be a full time teacher assigned to the Condor Academy. This new program at ETUSD will offer students an alternative to regular classroom education. Students enrolled in Condor Academy will have the opportunity to enroll in many exploratory classes such as: Art, Spanish, Nutrition and field trips throughout the year. For more information regarding Condor Academy please contact the high school office.


Mr. Paul Carlson – Psychologist
Ms. Anne Duhm – Program Secretary


Frazier Mountain High School

Thanks to the generous contributions from Trinity Industries and the Frazier Mountain Community Church the high school parking lot is getting a “face lift”. In an effort to conserve water the grass in the parking lot islands has been replaced by gravel. The plan now is to plant drought tolerant plants with drip system irrigation in all of the islands. If you would like to donate to this project please contact the District Office.

The high school has several other areas that are in need of similar “face lifts”. If you are interested in the beautification of the high school campus and can donate your time and/or resources we would love to hear from you.

Thanks to Matt Verdon for giving the concession stand at the stadium a patch and paint job at the end of last school year.

Thanks to the FMHS Ag Program the high school now has beautiful flower beds at the entrance to the school.

If you are interested in supporting the efforts to improve Frazier Mountain High School please contact the District Office.

El Tejon Middle School

Thanks to the efforts of PE teacher Charles Stewart a beautiful baseball/softball field has been built. This was a community effort with many volunteers donating their time and resources to make this dream come true.

Thanks also to Matt Verdon and John Bever for preparing the softball field on the north end of the playground. This field was then put into use by the JV Frazier Mountain High School softball team.

Mr. Stewart also started a campus beautification elective class. This class spent hours on projects that improved their campus.

If you are interested in supporting the efforts to improve El Tejon Middle School please contact the District Office.

Frazier Park School

During the summer the “Bungalow” wing of classrooms was painted.

The asphalt on the playground has been patched and coated.

There are other beautification needs at the school that are being planned. If you would like to get involved with one of these projects please contact the District Office.

Your schools need your support. There are many opportunities for you to be involved in your child’s school. If you have the time, energy and/or resources contact the school directly.

Contact information:

District Office:                                                                                      248-6247

Frazier Mountain High School/Condor Academy                     248-0310

El Tejon Middle School                                                                      248-6680

Frazier Park Elementary School                                                      245-3312

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