Parents / Guardians are able to Login to Aeries to check on their students information.

An automatic message should be delivered to the email inbox to which we have on file in our Aeries Database.

If you have not received an email with instructions on how to login, you may need to contact the School Office your Student resides in and confirm the email address and phone numbers we have on file.

Over time these email addresses and phone numbers may change, so it is very important to us that we keep a line of communication open to all the Parents and guardians of our Students.

If you no longer have access to the email address we have on file, please call us to update our records to a new email address you have access to.

After we update our records, please go back to the Aeries Parent Portal and select FORGOT PASSWORD.

This should send an email to your updated address to allow access into the system.

If you have any problems logging in, Please submit an email to